Delivering reliable quality vac truck equipment and safe hydro excavation operations across Cairns and Northern Queensland.

Extensive Vac Truck Range

3000L to 8000L vacuum trucks and jetter combo systems are available to suit the smallest to largest scaled operations.

Non-Destructive Digging

No damage to underground utilities, pipes and services.

Water & Waste Management

Removal, storage and transfer of waste to suitable disposal sites.

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Maximise Your Return On Investment

At Infraserv, we know continuing success relies on combining day-to-day operational and service excellence with industry-leading brands. That’s why we only supply the safest and most reliable vac trucking machinery known to our industries.

We offer flexible vac trucking solutions across a diverse range of 3000L to 8000L vac trucks and jetter combo systems to suit the smallest to largest scaled operations.

Being a key supplier and partner to the construction industry has led to the development of trusted, long-standing partnerships with some of the largest and most respected vac truck brands known to the Australian market.

Our partnerships have built upon our growing reputation for delivering safe, reliable vac truck solutions that continue to support the ever-changing demands of the civil, construction and infrastructure industries.

Our team develop cost-efficient and reliable solutions to combat the demanding needs known to these industries. If you are looking to increase production, reduce capital expenditure or simply just maximise your return on investment, then look to our flexible vac truck hire solutions for your next project.

Years Experience

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Powerful suction to vacuum up debris, dirt, or sand quickly without damage to underground utilities like gas lines, electrical cables or water mains, saving lost time and huge repair bills.


Long extension hoses make it possible to reach into tight spaces for trenchless excavation of holes for concrete foundations, meaning jobs that others can’t do may be possible with vacuum excavation. 


Large-capacity holding tanks mean operators can save money in dump fees for excavated materials but not having to do as many trips as a traditional truck.


“Dial Before You Dig” underground services guide all civil and maintenance digging, and non-destructive digging solves the problem of inaccuracy on older maps or when no maps exist


The excavation process compliments traditional drilling and is far faster and safer than manual labour. Vac trucks are extremely accurate and precise when operating so any services around it will not be damaged.


Hydro vacuum excavation is environmentally friendly and reduces the disturbance to neighbours, traffic flow, or pedestrians.

We’ve Been Sucking For Over 30 Years

Our vac truck services are the fastest and most cost-effective way to locate and excavate around underground utilities, anywhere across Australia.


Common excavation questions

What do vac trucks do?

A hydro vacuum excavation truck is most commonly used to suck liquids, slurry and sludge from site back into its tank. From here, the liquid is transported either to a soil transfer station or disposal site. Hydro vacuum excavation technology is still relatively new to the construction industry however is making waves thanks to its safe and efficient operations on the job site.​​Vacuum trucks are fitted with high-pressure hoses and blowers for suction so they have the capability of undertaking non-destructive excavation and vacuum clean up. Vac trucks are also used to empty tanks or bodies of liquid. This can include sewerage or septic tanks, water tanks and flooded areas.

How does vacuum excavation work?

Vac trucks use blowers capable of sucking up heavy materials from deep depths and long distances. Our vac trucks use bigger blowers that use a combination of high levels of mercury content with greater airspeeds and velocity to create a powerful vacuum and flow. This technology will not only ensure that you dig a lot faster but also ensure the removal of more bulk material at greater depths and distances. combined with greater tank capacity that all lead to the removal of a greater amount of spoil.

What are vac trucks used for?

Vacuum excavation is widely used by utility companies in their identification of networks underground. This is because they are able to use their vac trucks to non-destructively dig for utilities and suction away the slurry that is left. This ensures that utilities aren’t damaged and avoids the risk of line strikes.

Vac trucks are also used regularly to clean and empty tanks, whether they be septic, water or sewerage. This is a task that is unique to the vac truck industry, as other methods of emptying tanks are not hygienically safe. By using vac trucks to safely suction the spoil into the tank it can be transferred to another location and disposed of appropriately.

What should you know before digging?

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