We use state-of-the-art concrete scanning equipment to quickly scan and inspect concrete spaces. Our non-invasive ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology can find steel reinforcement, post-tension cables, live power, conduit and many other items.

Safe Scanning Technology

Know what is below before cutting into concrete surfaces with the identification to hidden items. Concrete scanning helps avoid cutting into rebar or utilities that could result in costly downtime, injury or even death.

Non-Destructive Digging

Our non-invasive GPR technology can find steel reinforcement, post-tension cables, live power, conduit and many other items.

Quality Equipment

GPR can scan large areas quickly producing vertical sectional views of test areas, detecting features of various types and sizes with an unmatched depth penetration.

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Infraserv use Ground Penetrating Radar Concrete (GPRC) and Electromagnetic Locating (EML) to provide accurate mapping of in-concrete utilities and steel reinforcing to eliminate the risk of clashing with elements when cutting.

Concrete Scanning is ideal to confirm the location and setout of reinforcement, post-tension and pre-tension cables, ducts, structural beams and voids, and should be used prior to commencing core drilling, concrete cutting, dyna-drilling, wallsawing or cutting, and the removal of concrete floors or walls.

Infraserv has the capabilities and equipment to precisely detect the entry or exit point of penetrations to better understand and confirm working locations. Concrete scanning provides a clear area prior to cutting, coring and drilling in real-time. Using the latest high frequency equipment, concrete can be inspected in real-time, allowing the surveyor to inspect an area and spray mark the subsurface layout as they scan. This provides minimal disruption to a work schedule with maximum risk reductions.

Once we have collected the data, we compile a comprehesive report of findings, ready for engineers, contractors, owners and surveyors.

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Concrete scanning and ground penetrating radar systems help increase worker safety by identifying underground hazards such as live conduits, post tension cables, etc. These hazards can result in electrocution and other injuries that can impair or even kill workers and result in a halt on your build. 


The time lost whilst repairing machinery or workplace injuries is time lost from completing your work.  Concrete scanning can help your project stay ont track allowing you finish ahead of deadline and stay under budget. 


The second priority after worker safety for most construction site managers is usually equipment maintenance and protection. Concrete scanning can prevent your crew from hitting embedded objects that can damage equipment and delay your project. 


  • Location of post and pre-tension cables and ducts
  • Approximate depth of slab
  • Location of thickenings and beams
  • Live electrical cables and more
  • Inconsistencies such as voids, cracks and honeycombing
  • Schmidt hammer testing to determine compressive strength (mPa)
  • Cover meters to provide spacing, size and depth of reinforcement


Common concrete scanning questions

How does concrete scanning work?

Ground penetrating radar is used to scan concrete. During this process, a device is passed over the surface of concrete. This device then sends a signal into the concrete that is reflected back to a technician. The patterns that this scan produces give workers valuable information on how deep the material is and its integrity. Moreover, an experienced technician is able to determine the type and location of the material based off of these readings.

When should I begin the concrete scan?

At the start of your project. You cannot afford to play guessing games when you are undergoing a massive construction project. Too much is at stake. And while concrete scanning is a project cost, it is one that will produce great returns when it comes to safety, scheduling, and results. Having a detailed report on the subsurface conditions surrounding your construction site using ground penetrating radar systems and underground utility locators allows you to plan your project works ifficently and effectively saving you time and money.

Why should I choose Infraserv for concrete scanning?

At Infraserv, our team are experienced in concrete scanning with over 100’s of concrete scanned to date from the smallest. tolargest scaled operations across Cairns and Northern Queensland. RDA Concrete Cutting is well-known in the construction industry for achieving optimal results on just about any project you can imagine. Whether it be locating materials hidden within concrete, or a project involving our cutting or drilling services, we have the right team and experience to produce excellent results.


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